Lakehead Public Schools has recently developed a school renewal plan. The proposed plan presents a vision for the future that is focused on renewing and reinvigorating the Lakehead Public Schools system through school consolidations, renovations and new facility construction.  

  • This blog site is lead by the SCVI parents council.
  • The site aims to help highlight site option # 1 in the proposed plan, as one of the two options under review in the Lakehead Boards North side renewal plan.
  • The overall intention of this site is to help familiarize the parents, the public, and the greater community with Superior Collegiate & Vocational Institute.
  • By helping to provide a more detailed profile of SCVI programs, unique features, infrastructure and technologies, we hope to help better prepare and influence others to fully consider the Lakehead Boards two different proposed options.


Superior CVI -Designed and built for Secondary Students…

By Sue Reppard…

“Parents, students, caregivers and stakeholders of Thunder Bay have a duty to make an fully informed decision when it comes to the secondary schools merging into one building. Don’t lose sight of what matters most. The decision must ultimately take into account the very best interests of the students of Thunder Bay. Our kids deserve the very best education in a safe, innovative environment that will provide them with endless opportunities in which to grow and explore. This is not about pride or legacy – this is about coming together to make a fresh start and exciting future for our current students and generations to come”.



  1. Superior CVI a Beautiful modern up-to-date school, with technology not found in any other school in Thunder Bay. If the boards ultimate plan was to have just one highschool in the future and that school be Hammarskjold, then Why in the world spend $32 million dollars to build a modern highschool, with high tech innovative technology only to dismantle it 8 years later? Doesn’t make sense. If that was the plan, then when Hillcrest was closed the students should have transferred to Hammarskjold, this would have saved the school board and taxpayers $32 million plus dollars. Why go back in time to a school that is already 54 years old? The last school standing should still be standing in another 60 plus years.

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  2. Superior is state-of-the-art building intended to be a high school! We can’t go back now, Superior is the best option in this case. Please contact your trustees and superintendents and let them know what you think. Students and parents make a huge difference in their decision making!

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  3. Although zoned for Hammarskjold, my son will be going to Superior in September. This was his choice and was made based on some of the ‘superior’ programs and learning opportunities offered, that are not available at Hammarskjold. Another major factor was the layout, security and welcoming environment that is also superior. My son felt comfortable there and that speaks not only to the building, but to the culture of acceptance that has been fostered by the leadership and teaching staff and is demonstrated by the students..
    I’m a nostalgic Hammarskjold alumni and would be saddened to see it close, but the reality is that it is the same school it was when I was there 30+ years ago. I want my kids to have opportunities that are available in a newly designed school that has an eye to today’s job market.
    Practically speaking, the board, (and the taxpayers), investment in a new secondary school, with a building designed for expansion, demonstrated a long term plan and commitment to the advance of the educational possibilities in the northward and the sustainability of the infrastructure. Reversing that decision after such a substantial investment only to have to rebuild what already exists within an old structure is not only a demonstration of bad financial management, it’s also not achievable. You cannot create the same sense of security and inclusion in Hammarskjolds physical environment and frankly the current social media posts speak to the difference in the school culture. There is pressure to conform and root for Hamm… In a way that is oddly similar to the peer pressure we teach our children to think beyond.

    Whatever school, the sports and clubs will merge and prove successful with focussed funding and a greater pool of participants to involve.
    Would it be sad to see Hammarskjokd close? Yes, very much so, but for nostalgic reasons…not for the betterment of the educational opportunities for future generations.
    I support Superior and hope that a decision is made with an eye to the future…not to the past.

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  4. Superior is an awesome school, it feels like a second home to me. Going into grade 9 I was very nervous to be around all new people and I thought I wouldn’t make any friends but we are all one big community and everyone was very welcoming. You can ask anyone for help in the halls of you are lost and such and they will help you. I want to be able to spend the rest of my highschool years at this school & even have my kids be able to go to highschool at superior too. It’s a beautiful school, super easy layout, up to date technology which we all know is helpful and the people and staff are all so great. Not gonna lie there’s gonna be little fights and drama at the school but really that happens anywhere you go and it’s going to happen. I know some of you might not want to go to superior because of “sports teams being bad” but the coaches are honestly amazing and it’s really how you make the greatest memories and friends. If you think the sports teams are bad why not join them and be an addition to the team and help to make them better! Of course hammarskjold is an awesome school as well and full of great people, but think about it where do you want to spend your highschool years or even your kids?

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  5. Superior is a state of the art high school with up to date technology that no other school in Thunder Bay has. Superior is fit to supply the students with the much needed technology in order to succeed in post secondary education. I am a former student of Superior and graduated with the class of 2015. My time at Superior was incredible, I could not imagine going to any other high school. I was involved in all of the sports and the newly made athletic committee that welcomes anyone interested in athletics and positively promoting student involvement in sport. With the merging of the schools, no sports team will be lost, they will be improved, each of us will still have all the wonderful coaches and teachers that have assisted us throughout the years, and that we’ve become comfortable with. We will be working together as one; so students transferring away from Superior because of the sports teams need to look at the bigger picture, this is a positive outlook, not a rivalry. As said above, Superior is the most welcoming and respectful high school that I have encountered, people are very friendly and are always willing to help a student and staff member out. It would be a shame and a waste for this wonderful school to become an Elementary School, as it was not meant to be. If people are even considering leaving Hamm open, it is a 54 year old building and the technology is outdated. The student’s educational future is more important than a legacy that people are worried about losing, and the legacy of Hamm will never be forgotten just because Superior might be the chosen building. The “lack” of green space people are mentioning is absurd, Balsam Pit is across the street which all gym classes use and Grandview arena not far off is often used for skating in the winter. Yes we have to cross the street, but high school students should already know and be aware of oncoming traffic. Anyone upset about the lack of parking should rethink the importance of a student’s education, not where their son or daughter will park for the day. Hamm is a great school and it will be sad to see it close, but in the best interest of the student’s current and future education, Superior is the best suited choice.

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